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Earths Blessings

Hi! I’m Pamela Isaac the mother of (2) handsome boys, Christopher and Braxton and the wife of my wonderful husband Tim. Our family values are fashioned by the Word of God and the principles of the Kingdom, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  My life is committed to living the word of God every day and sharing the gifts that He has given me with others. Outside of the core foundations of who I am and how I live; I am blessed to be a partner with BCI Electric, Heating & A/C, LLC and the founder of Earths Blessings.

For the past 5 years I have been on the journey of transformation as it relates to my family’s eating and our everyday living necessities. My oldest son began having asthmatic symptoms that I would not accept as asthma. The labored breathing would always start with a cold so I knew that there was more to what was happening. It wasn’t the functioning of his lungs as the doctors wanted me to believe. Well, after experiencing the side effects of steroids and breathing treatments which lead to eczema and energy crashes, I was done.  I asked the Lord in prayer to reveal and make clear to me what was going on with his body.  And to my surprise, it was the food we were eating and the foods we were not eating. It amazed me of all the unnatural, unwholesome ingredients that are allowed to be offered as a consumable nutrients. Initially, it was very challenging. I felt overwhelmed yet I knew I had to continue to move forward for the well-being of my family. Hey taking care of the household is a mother’s heart- it just can’t be dropped. As I began to seek the Lord, He allowed the right people to cross my path at the right time. It’s such a blessing to see the hand of the Lord move as a result of your seeking. So with that I can say my son has not suffered with asthmatic symptoms for about 5 years now. The Lord has made clear to me that His plan from the beginning of creation was for man to have life. He even provided what we needed for nourishment. (Gen 1: 29)  So what happened?  I’ll tell you what happened….sin happened. All that the Lord created became exposed to the perversion of Satan. I’m not giving any glory to him. God loosed him in the earth realm for a predestined appointment. And even though he has distorted truth and preyed on the lives God’s people, the truth is not hidden from those who desire truth. Jesus is the  Sovereign King who reigns with all power, wisdom and authority. And because of Him we, those who are believers of Jesus Christ, are redeemed from the curse of sin. We can see truth and live truth.

   Earths Blessings is here to provide pure, non-toxic, organic supplements that will work with the body to promote agility and wellness. These supplements include: pure Organic essential oils, body scrubs, bath salts and more. Simple ingredients from the earth is the foundation of our products. The healing properties found in these natural supplements are vital to supporting our overall well-being mind, body and soul. The naturally occurring anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and detoxifying qualities have proven to be the safest way to protect our bodies from disease.


 Young Living

Young Living Oils are grown and used by millions over the world.

Young Living Oils are grown all over the world and used by millions.

Young Living was founded by D. Gary Young in 1993. Young Living Essential Oils are world renowned for exceptionally high-quality essential oils, dietary supplements, personal care products and other unique solutions for healthy lifestyles. Young Living annually harvest and distills over 2,000 acres of wild herbs and vegetation and is one of only a few companies in the world that are growing from seed, harvesting, distilling, producing, formulating, packaging, and marketing pure A– grade essential oils. Known for being the first company to combine guaranteed pure essential oils with dietary supplements, and for formulating proprietary chemical-free products for personal care has set them apart .

Young Living Distributors are generously rewarded for marketing Young Living products: the earn multiple levels of commissions and bonuses, as well as free products through the monthly Auto-ship loyalty program. Young Living has more than 250,000 Distributors, sells products in over 20 different foreign markets, including Europe, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore and has seen significant growth in sales every year for over fifteen years.