Our Products

Naturally rich in vitamins, our Body Butters provide hydration to the skin without the use of harsh chemicals. This formula supports the bodies ability to naturally replenish cells that will assist in healing the outer layers of the skin. As a defense, the therapeutic-grade oils stands against the harmful exposures from daily toxins.

We use ONLY 3 ingredients in our Essential Body Butters

  • Extra-virgin Coconut Oil
  • Organic Virgin Shea Nut Butter
  • Therapeutic -grade essential oils

The ingredients are organic or virgin. This means that there has been no refining or chemical processing to the products. They have only endured what is required of them to harvested them from their fruit or herb state. This simply amazing blend out shines the chemical laden lotions and creams in the market today that are filled with chemicals, filler oil, synthetic fragrances, and whole lot of unnecessary stuff. Just as we are careful in what we eat we are to also beware of what we are putting on our skin. Our skin is the largest organ we have and anything applied to it enters into our blood stream and then filtered to the internal organs. With that in mind, knowing the ingredients and their benefits will aid in our overall health.

How to Use

A little goes a long way. Because it is a thick butter, it only requires a little to satisfy most skin types. It’s best used after bathing since the skin is still moist. The moisture from skin helps drives the butter into the skin for balanced all-day nourished skin. Over time you will notice your skin’s vibrant appearance and the those cracked heels will be gone. This butter can also be used on your face, especially at night to help keep wrinkles at bay.


Bath Works

It’s not just enough to moisturize the skin daily, the skin also needs to release toxins. Just as our body has been created with a detoxing system internally- liver and kidney, the skin also needs to be stimulated to release toxins. Our bath works collection is a simple and easy weekly pampering using products that will aid in cleansing, exfoliating the skin, which is just removing a thin outer layer of dead skin to make room for healthy skin to form, and mineral rich bathes. Using these all natural pure cleansing methods will aid in blood circulation, relaxation, reducing inflammation, stress and body aches.

 Herbal Cleansing Bar

photo 1

Harsh cleansing bars can strip away natural moisture from the body. Especially for   the face, using a gentle all- natural, 85% organic bar restores and replenishes the skins natural oil producing process. Our bars are made with organic oils of safflower and/or sunflower, coconut oil and natural vegetable glycerin. The wonderful saponification process makes these bars top in their class for a rich hydrating lather at every use. The distinct fragrant and color of each bar are packed with added benefits from essential oils and dried herbs. We use NO fragrance oils or artificial coloring in our bars. Essential oils and herbs provided optimal anti-bacterial, anti-fungal protection for the skin. These bars are gentle for sensitive skin and for those with extremely sensitivities, we offer an unscented bar.

Sugar Scrub

sugar scrub

As sugar is prized for it’s sweet tasty bliss, it’s actually much better for our skin than our digestion. Using a Sugar Scrub keeps your skin looking refreshed and appealing. As it gently removes the upper layer of tired, dried and even bacteria laden skin, it stimulates the nerves and cells which allow a continuous replenishing of healthy skin. The oils will assist in collecting that skin and providing moisture to the new layer leaving your skin soft and velvety.


 Bath Salts

With all of the stress and toxic chemical we are in contact with daily our bodies will become burden with them if we don’t detox on a regular basis. As we are careful in watching our diet, it’s just not enough. Including weekly gentle cleansing baths will aid in keeping harmful culprits away. It will reduce the work of our liver and kidneys. Mineral rich bath salts are prized for many health benefits. These baths have been used for many centuries to provide health benefits to the body. Minerals are a necessity for the functioning of our body. They all have there own unique characteristic that aids in internal and external healing.

Our Calming Foot & Bath Soak is comprised of over 60 trace minerals that are found from the earth. Elements like iron, magnesium and silica are necessity for our bodies to stay healthy. These great minerals are key to alkalizing, rejuvenating, and detoxifying the body.


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